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Year: 2018

Spice up your hot chocolate with these international recipes

    A simple hot chocolate recipe can be made by adding chocolate to steaming milk, flavored with vanilla extract and sugar. If you want to get creative, try different types of chocolate and use a couple whole spices. Hot chocolate has been made in many different ways around the world, some simpler than others. […]

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Student Spotlight: Brody Beaver

  “I aspire to be a pilot for the Air Force. I enlisted in the Ohio Air National Guard when I was 17,” said Brody Beaver, a mass communications student with a love for aviation. “My parents had to sign a waiver allowing me to enlist before I was 18.” Everything Beaver has worked towards […]

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Light shows to enjoy this weekend

  Although it feels like it is already, winter is almost here, which means Christmas lights and decorations have been put up to get into the holiday spirit. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, this is a great time to get cozy and enjoy the beauty this season brings. One of the beautiful things about […]

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Fitness Friday: Total Body Circuit

  Circuit training is an easy way to increase your overall fitness level and work all the important body parts. Unlike running or cycling, circuit training allows you to incorporate strength training with small amounts of cardio. For this week’s Fitness Friday, we have an easy circuit that can be completed on your own. If […]

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Dayton’s Not Dead: Woodland Lights

  For the past 25 years, Countryside Park in Washington Township has been transformed into a huge display of lights during the holiday season. Woodland Lights, one of Dayton’s oldest Christmas displays returns for its 26th run. Attendees have the opportunity to walk a half-mile wooded path of Christmas lights and visit live animals like reindeer […]

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