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Month: December 2021

Best Dayton Destinations For Winter Months

Students often have more free time during winter break, and luckily Dayton features multiple activities that students can try over break. Here are just a few key attractions.

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Watch: Check Out These Three Internet Comedians

During the cold winter months, there’s nothing like curling up on the couch and watching some mood-warming comedy. Here are three internet comedians worth your clicks.

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Hoffman Notches First Wright State Win on Education Day

In front of a crowd of over 2,700 fans, WSU Women’s Basketball took its first win of the season over Lake Erie College (LE) 91-60, moving its season record to 1-7.

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Educators Pursue Their Passions Despite Pressures From a Broken System

Karissa Patrick splits her time between lecture halls and elementary school halls, all while risking the health and safety of herself and her loved ones.

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Holiday Treats

Easy Holiday Desserts

Holiday Treats | Photo by Renee Comet 2013 Television Food Network | The Wright State Guardian Holiday treats should be fun, easy and something the whole family can enjoy. Find five easy and delicious holiday recipes below.  English toffee from Paula Deen English toffee is one of many treats that takes little time to make […]

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