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Zachary Turner Village Apartments

Breaking: Student Accused of WSU Sexual Assaults in Jail

A 28-year-old male and WSU student, Zachary Turner, is facing two separate charges of abduction and felonious assault.

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Faculty Cuts Create Tense Atmosphere at Faculty Senate Meeting

On Dec. 7 the WSU Faculty Senate met and discussed coronavirus updates, proposed faculty cuts and a reimagined university setting.

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Campus Rec: Spring Plans and Possible Indoor Events

As the fall semester approaches its end, WSU Campus Recreation programs are beginning to announce plans for spring.

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Biden’s Cabinet and White House Staff: Historic Picks

President-elect Joe Biden has begun to announce his picks for his Cabinet and White House staff. Biden has started with ome historic picks.

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Student Opinions: Is Gov. Dewine Doing Enough?

Some Wright State University (WSU) students are still conflicted on whether Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s efforts are enough.

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WSU and Fairborn PD Work to Minimize Spread of COVID

A collective effort between the WSU and City of Fairborn PD is minimizing the spread of the coronavirus both on and off campus.

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Turning Points BART Sculpture

University and Faculty Union Clash Over Retrenchment

WSU sent an email to the community regarding the faculty workforce reductions while also clarifying specific “misinformation.”

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Contact Tracing: The Process and WSU’s Protocols

Contact tracing amongst those individuals who test positive is a crucial step to mitigate the spread of this potentially deadly virus.

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Breaking: Conversion of Failing Grades for Summer and Fall Semesters Approved

WSU Faculty Senators proposed and unanimously voted in support of converting undergraduate students failing grades to an XU grade.

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How To Return Your Rentals To the Bookstore

The end of the semester is fast approaching, which means it’s time to turn back in your rented books to the WSU bookstore.

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