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Quarantine Housing Concerns

WSU’s Housing COVID Guidelines Lenient Compared to Other Ohio Institutions

Wright State University (WSU) currently has the least strict COVID-19 housing guidelines compared to other Ohio universities.

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Water Woes pt. 7

High Levels of Lead Found in WSU Drinking Water, Two Locations

Tests of Wright State University’s (WSU) water system continuously found traces of lead in drinking water, despite low lead levels in local area water systems.

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Wright State University Student Union | Photo by Marissa Couch | The Wright State Guardian

Breaking: WSU Keeps Employee Vaccine Mandate Despite Supreme Court Ruling

Wright State University (WSU) continues COVID-19 employee vaccine mandate while the U.S. Supreme Court pauses federal vaccine policy.

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Campus Crime Log | The Wright State Guardian

Campus Crime Notes Dec. 19 Through Jan. 1

One incident was reported in the campus crime log between the weeks of Dec. 19, 2021, and Jan. 1, 2022, on Wright State University (WSU) campus.

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Dunbar Library

Transformed Center for Faculty Excellence Open Expected Fall 2022

Wright State University (WSU) will be replacing the Center for Teaching and Learning with the Center for Faculty Excellence this spring with a full opening in fall 2022 semester.

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