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Most Popular Social Media Trends of 2020

Popular Social Media Trends | Graphic by Kayli Thompson | The Wright State Guardian

The following trends made a big impact on social media in the year 2020; however, not all of these trends may be here to stay. 

Live streaming 

While live streaming has been an option on select platforms for the last few years, the coronavirus has prompted many celebrities and social media influencers to become creative with how they interact with their fans.  

On TikTok for example, TikTokers such as Mikayla Nogueira and Mr. Hamilton are constantly being asked by their fans to go live in their comment sections.  

Musicians such as Michael Feranti, Louis Tomlinson and Lady Antebellum are utilizing Instagram Live and other platforms to livestream concerts at little to no cost in order to continue performing and engaging with their fans.  

Many gamers and E-Sports athletes use platforms such as Twitch to stream their gameplay and engage with their fans simultaneously. 

While it is questionable as to whether or not live streaming will remain as prevalent in a post-coronavirus world, it is certain that for the time being it is here to stay.  


There are two different types of collaborations that have taken the social media world by storm: creator collaborations and brand deals.  

Creator collaborations in 2020 are most commonly found on TikTok, where creators can duet or “stitch” other creators’ videos. By duetting or “stitching” a video, creators can interact with other influencers and grow their fan base.  

These collaborations have led to the development of major TikTok creators as well as ordinary people being able to both meet their idols and create lifelong friendships.  

Brand deals have taken place on all platforms, but primarily on Instagram and TikTok. Companies ranging from Fashion Nova to McDonald’s have begun utilizing the platforms of influencers in order to promote their company. 

These types of advertisements on social media have blown up in the last few months of the year. On nearly all platforms, influencers and brands are seeing major benefits from people opening up apps like Snapchat and seeing their favorite influencer promoting something they had been on the fence about trying previously.  

Kaitlyn Chrosniak

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