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Netflix Review: Dumplin’

Photo from Netflix’s website.

One of Netflix’s recent releases is “Dumplin’”, a warm-hearted film about a plus-size girl and her mother, a former beauty pageant queen obsessed with beauty pageants. With Jennifer Anniston both producing and acting in this film, viewers can anticipate a charming, captivating and meaningful storyline; not to mention the fact that “Dumplin’” is also a bestselling novel.  

Our main character, Willowdeen, is a teenager with a big heart and bigger personality, struggling to find her place in a world of beauty pageants and beauty queens. Based in Texas, a popular area for pageants to be held, Willowdeen is surrounded by the pressures of looking like every other girl in town.  

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Since her mom was always busy with pageants, Willowdeen was truly raised by her aunt, a proud, confident and vivacious woman who knew how to put a smile on anyone’s face and taught her to love herself and not to care about what anyone thinks. Bonding through their love of Dolly Parton and her uplifting and inspiring music, you would think that the aunt and niece were actually mom and daughter.  

When a life-altering event happens, Willowdeen is faced with a grief and pain that no one wants to endure. After finding out a truth that was previously hidden, she and her best friend decide to take part in the upcoming beauty pageant, which comes as more than a surprise to her mom and everyone else in town. Of course, this comes with obvious challenges, like her feeling as if she doesn’t fit in with all of the other girls.  

As the movie goes on, Willowdeen deals with her hardship in many ways; some are annoying, making you just want to shake her and yell “what are you doing?!”, and some are more on the admirable side… kind of.  

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All in all, this is a great movie with an inspirational message that both boys and girls can learn from. If you haven’t read the novel, “Dumplin’” is great to watch; the novel is probably even better.  

As an added note, even if you’re someone who isn’t a fan of country music, trust me, you’ll be dancing and snapping after you watch this movie.

Shaddia Qasem

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