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Students in Campus Apartments Express Concern Over Mold-like Substances

Mold-like substance in Forest Lane | Photo by Christian peters | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State students living in the Forest Lane apartments expressed concerns over mold-like substances in their apartments and general maintenance issues. 

Student concerns 

Business student, Wyatt Johnson, lives in the Palms building in Forest Lane. In October 2021, Johnson noticed a mold-like substance in his carpet and vents. He submitted a maintenance request to resolve the issues. 

Mold-like substance in Forest Lane | Photo by Christian Peters | The Wright State Guardian

According to Johnson, a maintenance team did come in and spray his unit. He did not disclose whether or not the maintenance team confirmed the substance was mold, nor did he know what chemical they sprayed. Even after maintenance’s actions, he continued to have issues.

In March 2022, he submitted a maintenance request regarding a large crack in his bathroom ceiling and a faulty water heater. He further explained that it was challenging to get in contact with maintenance who has yet to fix the crack. 

“It got so bad we were looking for renter rights in Greene County and Dayton,” Johnson said. 

Johnson is not the only one speaking out with concerns. Wright State student Kaitlyn Spitzer, TikTok user @disneytraphouse, has taken to the popular social media platform to speak out on the issues she is experiencing while living in Forest Lane. 

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On her page, she documents mold-like substances on her baseboards and under her sink along with cracks in her walls. 

The Wright State Guardian asked Spitzer if she had documentation of her maintenance requests and communications with WSU housing, she reported that she did but did not want to be further involved with the article. 

RA staffing issues

Frustrated with the procedure and maintenance problems, Johnson and other residents went to their residential assistant, Victoria (Tori) Ceyler, for advice on the issues.

She encouraged them to go to Environmental Health and Safety with their concerns regarding the possible mold in their apartments. 

Shortly after this, on April 1, Ceyler was terminated from her RA position and lost her on-campus residence, according to Ceyler. 

“I did end up getting terminated for a multitude of reasons. I’m not allowed to talk about some of them, but some of my residents found out the reason was because I spoke out in a certain way about the issues in Forest Lane,” Ceyler said. 

The graduate student was an RA for four years and is currently appealing her termination through Residence Life and Housing. 

“I did put four years into the university and I want it to accurately reflect the work that I’ve done,” Ceyler said.

The Wright State Guardian reached out to the university for comment and has not yet received a statement. 

“I’m working to see if the University wants to comment,” Bob Mihalek, assistant director of communications wrote. 

The Wright State Guardian is continuing to investigate students’ claims and concerns. If you have any information about the Forest Lane situation you may contact

Jamie Naylor