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WSU Sororities Welcome New Sisters

Sorority Bid Day | Photo by Jamie Naylor | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University sororities welcome new members during recruitment weekend and bid day.

The weekend

Kappa Delta, Delta Zeta, Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Omicron Pi and Alpha Xi Delta welcomed 60 new sisters on the Sept. 9 recruitment weekend.

According to Emma Miller, Kappa Delta vice president of recruitment and marketing,

recruitment weekend involvement increased dramatically this year, up from just 36 potential new members in 2021 to nearly double that in 2022.

“I think it shows that Greek Life during COVID was kinda struggling, but now that we are back on campus, people can see we’re not like the stereotypical Greek Life like in other schools, and people see this is something I want to be a part of,” Miller said.

The philanthropy round began on Friday, where potential new members got introduced to the philanthropic values and aspirations of a given sorority, which gives each PNM a taste of sorority life.

The sisterhood round took place on Saturday, when sororities elaborated on the kinds of sisterhood events a given sorority holds; this can be anything from getting ice cream to making friendship bracelets. This portion of the weekend functions as a deep dive into the values of a particular sorority while getting to know PNMs, according to Miller. 

Membership Vice President of Alpha Xi Delta Antonia Clark noted the values of the AXD sorority. 

“We mainly focus on our values of courage, graciousness and peace,” Clark said. “My sorority does a lot based on volunteering hours.”

The hour-long preference round was on Sunday morning, including a more in-depth conversational round with the PNMs.

After the final round, the bid day reveal began.

Bid day

Bid day, or “the rush,” is a process where university undergraduates join a sorority.

This traditionally involves “running home” to a sorority house after member reveals.

Since WSU does not have sorority houses, the ceremony involved walking down a stage in the Student Union atrium to a student’s particular sorority.

According to Miller, the membership reveal is “double-blind,” meaning that established members do not know who is joining and the new members do not know a sorority assignment until the announcement.

New members were then met with the cheers of new sisters and the beginning of the Greek Life experience. Ariona Kimberly, a new member of Alpha Omicron Pi, reflected on the experience.

“With the girls in Alpha Omicron Pi, I had met them a few times and I just felt comfortable, and I felt like I was at home, and I knew immediately that this was where I belonged,” Kimberly said.

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