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Breaking: Anti-Abortion Group to Visit Dayton Campus Tuesday

Created Equal on campus in 2017 | Photo by Lucas Gonzalez | The Wright State Guardian

Columbus-based anti-abortion group Created Equal to hold a public demonstration on Wright State University Dayton campus Tuesday as part of political movement.

The demonstration

Created Equal is a self-proclaimed “social justice organization” based in Columbus, Ohio, with national movements. The organization is against the practice of abortion, or the practice of terminating a pregnancy.

According to a Created Equal press release, the organization plans to hold a demonstration on WSU’s main campus on Tuesday, March 20, from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. to feature a digital display of abortion images. The group is hoping to use this display to spark debate on the topic.

The group last held this display on WSU’s campus in October 2021

The university’s first amendment policy, like most public institutions’ policies in the U.S., states:

“All persons within the United States enjoy the right to think freely, discuss or debate any idea, speak and publish their views and opinions, participate in religious or conscience observances, and freely assemble or associate with others of their choice. It is the policy of Wright State University to respect those rights within constitutionally-permissible limitations, as set forth in this Policy,”

The university can place reasonable time, place and manner restrictions on any group using first amendment rights.

Created Equal’s press release did not reveal where on campus the demonstration was going to take place, but previously, the organization gathered in the quad by Millett Hall. The images may be graphic.

WSU’s director of communications Seth Bauguess previously told The Guardian that “the university would notify campus about any demonstration involving non-university affiliated speakers.”

Wright State University has yet to notify the campus community of this demonstration.

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